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LadyMum comes into the world with my personal experience.

My name is Flavia Natali and I am Bianca’s mother, a three-years-old, very smart, very energetic and very demanding girl.

My motherhood arrived because it was deeply wanted by me and my husband, a solid and very much in love couple. But since the first minutes of awareness of Bianca’s presence I realized that this would be a really powerful change in my life as a woman, as a friend, as a wife, as a professional; my desire has always been to keep the woman, the friend, the wife, the professional alive without making her disappear, absorbed by the child. It hasn’t always been this way, at least not immediately.

As the months went by, I realized that there must be behind and inside us women and mothers a very strong personal work, a work of balance and awareness, a work of knowledge and acceptance of ourselves. A work that can be summarized in four words: learning to love ourselves.

Learning to love ourselves is not as easy as saying it: learning to love a body that changes, a new emotional space that is created, a child who does not make him/herself understood and, above all, imposes a stop in a world that instead pushes us to 10,000km per hour. Learn to love ourselves even when we feel inadequate, tired and sometimes even sloppy. Learn to love ourselves because truth is, if you love yourself, you can give more love to others.

As a matter of fact, LadyMum has its own root there, in that need and in that learning process. The philosophy that lives within LadyMum is: we cultivate, train, heal, pamper our body, helping it to be flexible, solid, ready, so we will cultivate, train, heal, pamper our mind to make it flexible, solid, ready.

I created the LadyMum project to share this path of self-knowledge and pursuit of well-being with all other women in the world: I think we owe it to ourselves, after all, because we love and work so much, we love and we are so committed to always giving the better part of us, we love and care for others by instinct and by necessity (of others!).

LadyMum is truly committed to being close to all women who want to “look for their own voice”: without pretending to be a virago, ready and snappy 48 hours after birth, or on the other side without being “mothers courage” who dedicate themselves heart and soul to the little one. In the midst of these two extremes there is so much, much space for all of us, a space made of awareness, doubts, complexity, life and love.




I was born in Rome, I studied in Spain and in England. I’ve been working in the communication filed since 2006, involving fashion pr, press office, event organization, sports communication.

I’m Bianca’s mother since 2016, Giulio’s wife since 2014 (but his forever lover since 2006).

I like everything I can do by hands: cooking, coloring, cardmaking, makeup … In general, before getting dressed, I choose something around which the whole outfit will relate: a ring, a sock, a coat, a bag and on this detail I build my look and my day.

I’m not a sportswoman but a fan of exercising as a source of awareness.

I love many things but, above all, maybe sushi.

I believe that with this project I will be able to stay close to many women who need to find their comfort space. I really believe it!

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