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during pregnancy and in postpartum!

To get your license to teach LadyMum TRAINING you must attend our Licensing Course.

Dates and locations of the licensing courses will always be published on


Course’s teachers will be:

  • An Head Trainer
  • A Midwife
  • A Marketing and communication expert




  • Reception, registration.
  • Delivering of technical textbook, notes folder and exercising papers.
  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy.
  • Childbirth, how it works; different impacts of natural birth and C-section.
  • Woman’s body in postpartum.
  • Practical and interactive activities.
  • Q & A.


  • Reception.
  • Importance of physical movement in pregnancy and in postpartum.
  • How to lead a LadyMum TRAINING group lesson; how to lead a PT LadyMum TRAINING session.
  • Protocol structure and its application.
  • Delivery of technical toolkit (sports equipment).
  • Study of the exercises of the protocol: lectures and practice for each of the 6 periods of the protocol.
  • Study of different training sequences.
  • Study of technical toolkit’s applications.
  • Q & A.


  • Reception.
  • Effective communication: notions and techniques.
  • Tools for “active listening”.
  • Tools and techniques for a correct use of body language.
  • Tools and techniques for the correct use of non-verbal language.
  • Sales and marketing aspects of LadyMum TRAINING.
  • Effective sales tools for LadyMum TRAINING.
  • The “step by step” sales process.
  • Review of most common objections and their management.
  • Q & A.
  • Assessment questionnaire.
  • Licensing agreement signing.
  • Certificates of attendance.


The registration fee includes:

  • Lectures and practical lessons with teachers
  • LadyMum TRAINING paper textbook, with a complete description of the protocol and all the other topics discussed with during the course
  • Trainer’s Toolkit: the sports equipment kit to start training students right away. The Kit is branded KWell and consists in:
      • Anti-slip mat 4mm
      • Bandel, medium strength
      • Pilates ring
      • 2 x 1kg miniball
      • Foam roller 100cm (with removable facing)
      • Softball 26 cm
      • Yoga block in foam
      • Air balance disc
  • Final certificate of attendance
  • Affiliation and authorization to teach LadyMum for one year from the end of the course
  • Presence on the portal for one year from the end of the course
  • One year access to the online portal reserved for trainers with training materials, videos and training sheets


Requirements for enrollment in the training course (after an informative interview):

  • IUSM three-year degree (mainly required for the knowledge of human physiology) with evaluation for undergraduate students


  • Similar international certification


  • Other certificates of postural training courses, pilates, yoga (to be assessed)


At the end of the final day of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued.


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