Charity program: our commitment to social matters

We give our best when we work for a greater cause than ourselves:
helping women who experience pregnancy and motherhood
in a situation of disadvantage and difficulty.


The commitment in the social sphere, in giving as much as we received, in sharing, in helping to improve other people lives, is among the values ​​that most represent us.

In creating and growing ​​LadyMum, we realized that we couldn’t ignore the situation of need and difficulty in which many pregnant women, new mothers and mothers live their condition in our community.


This condition of discomfort can be determined by many factors: social, economic, domestic, psychological. Often these situations are transitory and women find themselves into them against their will and they don’t see a way out.


To stay as close as possible to all women, we decided to support CAV – CENTRO DI AIUTO ALLA VITA Roma Torrino, a local non-profit organization that takes care of pregnant women and their children up to two years of age. Sharing values ​​and mission (support and aid to women) naturally led us to this initiative. In addition to offer our activity as volunteers, we are studying other ways of fund raising for specific projects on beneficiary mothers.


Do you want to propose a charity initiative to which we could contribute with our work and our skills?

Send us an email and we will study together all the possibilities!


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