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In a team of midwives, trainers and holistic teachers, we developed a new training method that guides, supports and promotes body changes during pregnancy and in the immediate postpartum stage.

LadyMum TRAINING structure is based on the three periods in which pregnancy is conventionally divided (1st – 2nd – 3rd trimester) and in three phases for the first postpartum year (1st – 2nd – 3rd quarter), the most sensitive moment in the long journey of motherhood.

LadyMum TRAINING will help you to follow the natural changes in your body and in your mind; it will help you in the search for awareness and it will offer you a space for looking for  your “center” just when you feel like losing it …

To start training with LadyMum TRAINING check HERE to find certified trainers and gyms.

train where, how and when you want
with our video trainings

You don’t always have the time, the resources and the willingness to go to the gym or to exercise with a personal trainer. Not everyone loves training outdoors or close to other people.

This is why we came up with a series of video trainings: in the dedicated section on our website you will find many videos where to choose the practice that best fits your day, your mood, the time and the energy level you have.

Check out all our videos: try the first 7 days for free and then decide whether to continue!

find the support you need with LadyMum BE

The whole “well-being” concept is very extensive and multifaceted.

For us at LadyMum, well-being means searching for everything that makes us feel good physically, emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually …

This is the meaning of LadyMum BE, the browser where look for professionals that can help us find (or find again) well-being in a particular area of ​​our life: the midwife who helps us along the path of motherhood, the osteopath that we need for physical recovery, the hairdresser who advises us in a new look, …

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LadyMum Blog wants to tell you about our world, which is of course … your world!

Our blog is a source of information, inspirations, ideas, insights, a radar to intercept many interesting contents.

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