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LadyMum BE is … our idea of ​​”total wellbeing” for women. The concept of “well-being” is really wide and multi-faceted: it varies from woman to woman, from moment to moment. For us it means searching for everything that makes us feel good physically, emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually …

This is the meaning of LadyMum BE, a portal where to look for the professional who can help us find (or find again) well-being in a particular area of ​​our life: all the professionals involved and listed on the portal, embrace the LadyMum philosophy of empowerment and support for women.

On this page you can search for the professional, specialist, expert that is right for you, closer to you: trainers and coaches, midwives and doulas, nutritionists, osteopaths, physiotherapists … a range in continuous evolution and expansion.

Are you a professional and do you want to be part of our world? Find here how!

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