LadyMum for companies and corporate world

LadyMum for companies and corporate world

A new tool for companies to take care of their employees

More and more companies, not only the large multinationals corporations but also small-medium companies, pay attention to their workforce well-being, aware that a serene, relaxed workplace in which a person goes willingly represents a more productive environment.

We are increasingly witnessing the introduction of welfare programs to support and care for employees. For example, where a job is particularly sedentary, physical activity programs are coming directly to the office; often companies provide employees with trainings or seminars about postural well-being, eye health and any other syndromes related to excessive computer use.


The topic of well-being in the corporate world becomes even more sensitive and important when the employees are women in pregnancy or, even more, when they return from maternity leave: it is not always easy for these women to be reintegrated into workplaces, in the continuous search for balance between what they “leave home” and what they find at the office. Not to mention the rest of the family: fathers, companions, partners who find themselves experiencing new dynamics with the arrival of a small, shocking new family member.

For all of them it is a journey often made of guilt, skipped meetings and rush home.

On the other side of the medal, managing this sensitive situation can be problematic for executives as well.


To support both parts involved, LadyMum offers a list of specific products for corporate world. We conceived a set of services that companies can make available for their employees (but also for their employees’ partners and families) to help them dealing with pregnancy and the return from maternity leave.


  • Access to our video training portal: through our website, a woman can independently build her own exercising schedule, according to her time and needs.
  • Live trainings: we conceived ad hoc exercising sequences to be held directly in the office (led by a certified LadyMum trainer) and/or in video training courses (on our online platform).
  • Deep relaxation: relaxation sessions with Yoga Nidra technique to be performed seated at the desk, without any mat or sportswear
  • Pelvic floor: specific exercising of pelvic floor, specially within the pre-natal – post-partum period (to be done safely in office outfit); we recommend to offer this training in combination with a theoretical part where it is cleared up what the pelvic floor is and why it is so important, but also easy, to train it
  • Energy Workout: energizing workouts, specific for the first stages of pregnancy when it is common to experience a strong sense of fatigue and tiredness
  • Anti Baby Blues: sequences of movements appropriate to contrast the sense of melancholy that may arise in the first stages after birth



We can plan informative and educational meetings regarding topics between training and obstetrics, both in the office or by conference call. Just to mention few options:

  • The importance of exercising in pregnancy: 10 good reasons to stay active during pregnancy: medical-scientific bases, ideas and practical suggestions
  • Postpartum recovery: movement and physical activity as essential tools to confront the physiological post partum “baby blues”
  • Pelvic floor: a set of unknown but yet central muscles that represent a key element (at all ages) in a woman’s body

Every conference is followed by a Q&A with the professional involved.



It is a direct channel between women and the midwife: future moms and newly moms can talk, ask, confront the midwife without having a home consultation.

A midwife is a specialist in women’s well-being; she covers the whole spectrum of pregnancy – childbirth – postpartum, with skills in breastfeeding, childcare, weaning: she represents a strong, competent, key figure in women’s health.

Telephone line, via whatsapp, via email or even in the office at certain times/days to be agreed with the management.



Do you deal with employees’ management, HR, do you manage a company or just want to know more? Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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