LadyMum for gyms

LadyMum for Gyms


A gym, a sports association, a sports club, a cultural association can decide to offer its users LadyMum TRAINING lessons, both in groups or in Personal Training.

To be able to do this, it is necessary that the gym has at least one Certified Trainer among its staff members and that the gym itself is affiliated to LadyMum.


In addition to being able to offer its customers a training protocol designed and tailored to respond to specific needs of future mothers and newly mothers, the affiliated entity may:

  • Use all communication provided by LadyMum and released in the reserved area
  • Be present on the portal as an authorized facility and get in touch with all the women that join our program
  • Write on the LadyMum blog
  • Participate in events organized by LadyMum, training courses for trainers, local initiatives for women



An ad hoc training course can be hosted directly in a gym or center for the Trainers / Teachers / Instructors suggested by the Management.

This way it will be possible to design the education program according to specific needs of the gym itself, its collaborators and its users.


If you want to know how to plan a teacher training in your facility, contact us at and we will study together the best solution for you!


If you represent a facility interested in being part of our world, send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

distinguish yourself

LadyMum is a brand-new product: get your affiliation immediately to be the first in your area offering courses and trainings to women!

Keep in mind one thing: the audience of pregnant women is inexhaustible and in constant renewal. The need for this “niche” to find a place to seek well-being will always be felt!

get visibility

By joining LadyMum, you will be included in the internal search engine of our website.

You will thus get great visibility and additional contact points with your audience. You will be present in LadyMum communication and you will be a privileged partner in organizing events and happenings with LadyMum!

marketing tools

In the section reserved to the affiliated entities (coming soon) you will be able to download many marketing tools and suggestions that can be useful in communicating your courses and in transmitting to women the message of LadyMum.

Let’s grow together and team up always keeping in mind our main goal: the well-being of our ladies!

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