The method

What is the LadyMum TRAINING method?


LadyMum TRAINING is an original and specific sports protocol that follows women from the discovery of pregnancy up to a year after giving birth.

We put into a NEW DISCIPLINE a real path of awareness and physical well-being that combines the knowledge of midwives and doulas (profound connoisseurs of a woman’s body in her creative power) with modern fitness disciplines. Our team of trainers, holistic teachers and midwives has designed and developed a rich program of exercises and sequences of exercises for women who want to be, or go back to being, aware of their body… feel it, know it and love it.

It is widely demonstrated that exercising during pregnancy is essential for maintaining a good body and psychological condition. The same exercising can help greatly in the postpartum stage, full of upheavals and surprises!


A moderate and frequent physical activity performed with LadyMum TRAINING:

  • encourages awareness
  • improves circulation and breathing
  • increases flexibility and tone
  • increases the energy level
  • prevents back pain
  • allows to achieve good relaxation
  • improves sleep
  • offers physical and emotional rooting
  • develops internal resources to manage feelings and pain in labor
  • shortens the time of labor
  • favors and speeds up postpartum recovery




The distinctive trait of LadyMum TRAINING method is its architecture.

We developed a series of specific exercises for the 3 different trimesters in which pregnancy is conventionally splitted in and, by adopting the same division, for the 3 quarters of the 1st year after birth.



PHASE 1 – 1st trimester – Discovery

PHASE 2 – 2nd trimester – Knowledge

PHASE 3 – 3rd trimester – Preparation



PHASE 4 – 1st quarter – Rest

PHASE 5 – 2nd quarter – Recovery

PHASE 6 – 3rd quarter – Relaunch


This 6-steps approach provides targeted, adequate and safe trainings for each phase the trainees are experiencing. This articulate organization consents to adapt training to any body’s or physiological‘s change and, where needed, it helps alleviating any ailments or discomforts that may occur.




LadyMum TRAINING lessons are structured as follows:

  1. CENTERING (valid for all phases of the protocol)
  2. WARM UP (valid for all phases of the protocol)
  3. CENTRAL MOMENT of the lesson (different for each phase of the protocol)
  4. STRETCHING (valid for all phases of the protocol)
  5. RELAXATION and REACTIVATION (valid for all phases of the protocol)

The suggested lesson’s duration is approximately 60’.


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