LadyMum BE for professionals: join our team!

Are you a midwife, a nutritionist, an osteopath, a beautician, a doula, a psychotherapist,
a hairdresser, a podiatrist, a retailer, a naturopath, a personal shopper, a pharmacist ...?!? ...

There is no limit to the variations of well-being, to the forms in which one person can take care of someone else.

If you are interested in working with women, with mothers to help them live the passage of motherhood with awareness and love, you must become part of our world.


We know that mental well-being is as important as physical well-being: a flexible, focused, conscious, open and serene mind is the right guide for an evolving and changing body. If a woman feels supported and finds the answers to the anxieties that stress out her in this phase of her life, she will live her motherhood more serenely.

This is why the LadyMum BE program embraces all the professionalism that can be useful to women: the important thing is that we share the same spirit of support and sisterhood.


By joining LadyMum BE, the professional can:

  • Be present on the portal as an authorized professional and then get in touch with all the women who rely on us
  • Use all the communication offered by LadyMum
  • Write on LadyMum’s blog in their name
  • Participate in events organized by LadyMum, training courses for trainers, local initiatives for women  


If you are interested in joining our world, send us an email and tell us something about you, send us a picture of you or your work, and we will contact you as soon as possible!


Do you have an idea or a product to show us, do you want to offer us a collaboration? Read here how to become our partner!

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