Our manifesto for environmental sustainability and work ethics.

We at LadyMum are convinced that, if you start a new entrepreneurial adventure, it has follow the rules of honesty, equity, sustainability, solidarity.

This is why we decided to publish our manifesto for environmental sustainability and work ethics here: our commitment and our mission to create a profitable and, at the same time, fair business.


  • We always choose the option that minimizes the environmental impact:
  • We print, only what is needed, on 100% Recycled paper.
  • We minimize water consumption.
  • We do not use plastic bottles.
  • We supply energy produced from renewable sources.
  • We only use low consumption LED bulbs.
  • Our latest generation air conditioners allow maximum energy savings.
  • We minimize the amount of waste produced and use separate waste collection for our waste.


  • We are committed to ensuring that all our professional activities are conducted in accordance with strict ethical, professional and legal standards.
  • We value and promote honesty and integrity in our work environment.
  • All collaborators are considered equal: we commit ourselves daily to create a healthy work environment, free of discrimination and inappropriate behavior.
  • We are committed to recognizing the right compensation to all employees, respecting their work and their professionalism.


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