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We at LadyMum strongly believe in the importance of exercising and we are sure that a daily practice, whether energetic or relaxing, can be the keystone in the path of love and acceptance of oneself.

When you really love yourself and learn to perceive your body not as an “enemy to fight or tame” but as the most precious ally that allows you to live, experiment, rejoice … well, everything else comes in the right perspective.

By acquiring a greater awareness of our body, especially in a period of important changes such as pregnancy and immediate postpartum, we become more able to seek (and perhaps find!) our center.

A flexible body corresponds to a flexible mind: a flexible, centered, conscious mind is the right guide for a body and a life in evolution and change.


A virtuous circle and a precious link, the one between MIND and BODY
at the very center of LadyMum’s philosophy.


Yes, we know what you are thinking right now: it is not always possible to go to the gym or to have a personal trainer that follows us at home. It is not always possible to find a way to dedicate some time to exercising or relaxation (if not on the sofa, let’s face it! For that there is always enough time!).

This is why we worked very hard in an alternative: a video section on our website including trainings with LadyMum TRAINING method.

Here you can find different videos containing, practices, trainings and relaxing sessions selectable by various criteria: time availability, body district concerned, gestational/postpartum period, kind of training.

There is something for everyone: we invite you to browse through the videos and find the combination that’s right just for you!

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